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About 7 Oil

Discover the rich history behind 7 Oil. For over 40 years, our values of integrity, loyalty, and dependability have allowed us to provide fantastic services that always exceed our customers’ expectations.

7 Oil Company was started in 1983 by Mike Longo Sr. and his mother, Victoria Longo. Mike Sr. worked different jobs, including installing HVAC systems and driving trucks. Victoria had a great deal of experience in customer service. She knew what it took to earn and retain a customer and Mike Sr had the mechanical know-how to keep the trucks running, oil flowing, and equipment serviced.


They were trying to come up with a name that was unique, playing on “7 days a week.” Victoria was very religious and liked the correlation to the number seven and the bible. They decided on 7 Oil and were in business.


Mike Sr. had a unique approach that was frowned upon by the larger oil companies of the time. He offered COD service, same day delivery, and allowed customers to purchase by the gallon. Mike also offered coupons and specials, focusing on middle to lower income where not everyone could afford to fill up their tanks.


When you’re starting out, you have to do it all and that is what they did. Mike Sr. delivered the oil, kept the heaters running, and the trucks rolling. Vicky earned customer’s trust by treating them like family. They not only helped people keep warm, but they also listened to their issues and genuinely cared about their problems.

The first few years of opening the business were a struggle. Issues with trucks and some other bad fortunes nearly caused them to close shop. A check came in the mail a few days later. It was not clear where it came from or why. To this day, no one knows, but it was just enough to get back on track.


Mike Sr. always felt that it was a blessing for the hard work and sacrifices they made to help others. They frequently fixed heaters for free for people who didn’t have the money or heavily discounted oil for local churches. The old saying, “the more you give the more you get” really rings true for this family. Fast-forward to today: 7 Oil is approaching 100 employees and 70 trucks on the road, offering various services including home heating oil delivery, HVAC services, oil tank removal and replacement services, mobile fueling and commercial bulk fueling. 7 Oil serves South Jersey for residential fuel, HVAC and tank removal, as well as all of New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania for commercial fuel delivery.

Our Greatest

7 HVAC is a division of 7 Oil Company


Accountability, go above and beyond, be responsible


Honest, upfront, fair


Support the customer AND each other


On time, reliable, responsive

Our Beginnings

Vicky is no longer with us, but she would be proud of us. These values continue with Mike Jr. and his family. Mike Jr. has been in the business for over 15 years and hopes to continue the legacy his father and grandmother started.

7 HVAC still offers same-day service, COD service, coupons, specials, and all the same unique offerings that got them where they are today while also investing in new technologies for the business and their people.


If you ask Mike how they’ve been able to achieve continued success and growth in a declining business, he would say, “Hard work and GOOD PEOPLE.” They’ve been very fortunate to have a good team around them and in their lives.

We Treat Our Customers
Like Family

For over 40 years, we’ve provided customers with legendary services and fair prices.

7 HVAC is committed to our customers. Read what they have to say about our dependable services.